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Termite Pretreatment

Founded in 2000, Termiguard Pest Control has been providing years of thorough termite pretreatment services to the surrounding area. If you’re amid a new construction, it’s important to consider preventative termite control. We serve both residential and commercial customers and we’re here to ensure all buildings remain termite free for years to come.

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The Right Preconstruction Termite Treatment for You

Our technicians have been in the business many years and know which product and barrier will be most effective in preventing termites for the build and its surroundings.

The best line of defense against termites is a prevention plan for your new construction. In order to come up with one that’s right for the job, we first must come in for an inspection.

We’ll assess the build from front to back, making sure to take special note of the crawlspace and the building’s frame. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll suggest a course of action that best suits the project.

A Full-Service Termite Pretreatment for New Constructions

Whether you’re building a home or a business, Termiguard Pest Control has a vast range of services for every type of build. We specialize in the following:

Chemical Termite Barriers

  • • Trenching Treatment
  • • Rodding Treatment
  • • Wood Treatment

Physical Termite Barriers

  • • Membranes
  • • Sealants
  • • Stainless Steel Screens
  • • Particle Barriers

Leave the Preconstruction Termite Control to Qualified and Insured Technicians

Many builders believe they can handle termite pretreatment themselves. Although the application of the wrong chemicals may give you a false sense of security and leave your home or business vulnerable.

A termite invasion can cause costly damage to your propriety and it’s not worth the risk. Put your mind at ease and get the certified and experienced technicians at Termiguard Pest Control to get the job done properly. They’ll know exactly which chemicals to use and how to apply them to achieve optimal results.

Maintaining a Termite Barrier for New Constructions

Next step of importance to prevention is termite control maintenance. Protect your home, business, or rental property by scheduling consistent check-ups for your building. Even though our termite pretreatment lasts about 5 years, we still recommend periodic inspections just to be safe. After all, the best time to deal with a termite infestation is as soon as possible!

Our conscientious technicians can easily point out the sites a termite attack may be most likely to occur and keep a close watch. Our experts will even give special recommendations for prevention if need be. Better to be safe than sorry!

The Best Commercial Termite Control for New Constructions

At Termiguard Pest Control, we not only provide efficient termite barriers for new homes but for larger scale commercial properties as well. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we only want the best termite prevention for your business.

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